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Spa and Wellness Centre  

Rejuvenate your body and mind in the land of Ayurveda. Forget the worries and tensions of city; let the body and soul be in harmony with nature. Indulge in the age old Ayurvedic therapies and relax as our masseurs take away those tensions and help you unwind.

The spa offers many comprehensive therapeutic treatments that promise to pamper the body and refresh the spirit. The therapies use the ancient, time-honored principles of Ayurveda that help enhance healing of both body and mind.  The aroma and sensation of exotic oils helps in rejuvenating you & evokes a positive energy within you. Relieve yourself of stress and fatigue as you relax and let the ancient Ayurvedic therapy work wonders on your tired body.

We have a group of experienced doctors who will carry out the traditional therapies to ensure holistic cure and unleash the full potential of body and mind.

The resort has a fully functional gym complete with exercise cycles, treadmills and free weights that offers a complete workout and is for the exclusive use of resident guests. The outdoor pool is a good place to meditate and contemplate watching the endless horizon. Laze on lounge chairs by the poolside and enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake and the countryside and get a suntan.  

This vacation gift yourself & your loved ones one of our special spa treatments and see the magic of Ayurveda work.


  • Consultation with vaidyas
  • Usage of Genuine GMP certified Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Expert Masseuses and Masseurs
  • Supervision of qualified doctors
  • Briefing about the methodology of treatments
  • Diet Guidance.
  • Yoga and Mediation classes


Short term Relaxation and Rejuvenation(20 Mins Or More)

  • General Body Massage / Uzhichil: : Tones up the muscles , increases blood circulation, eliminates toxins and stimulate the nervous system
  • Sirodhara: Poured in rhythmic manner on the forehead of the person.
  • Mukha lepam: facial for all types of skins
  • Oushada Snanam: Herbal body treatment for exfoliating dead skins.
  • Nivara kizhi : Effective treatment for joint pain nerve ,weakness and rheumatism
  • Nasyam: it is good for sinusitis.
  • Sundraya Chikitsa and Sarira Raksha: It's for balancing both physical and mental health.

Spa packages (1 Day Or More)
  • Chavan plus: 1 day package for relaxation which includes,
    • Steam Bath
    • Sirodhara
    • Siro Abhyagam
  • Aswagandha: 2 days Package this increases both physical and mental ability. The package includes,
    • Abhayagam
    • Mukha Lepam
    • Dhara
    • Nasyam
    • Siro Abhyagam
    • Oushadha Snanam
  • Thulasi: 3 days package for relaxation, increasing physical abilities and energy. The package includes,
    • Abhyagam with steam bath
    • Mukhalepam
    • Dhara
    • Nasyam
    • Siro Abhyagam
    • Pinda Swedam
    • Oushadha Snanam
  • Punarjani plus: 5 days Package for relaxation, increasing physical abilities, energy, memory, and concentration. It also helps for effective blood circulation. The package includes,
    • Abhyagam with steam bath
    • Udwarthanan
    • Thailadhara
    • Pinda Swedam
    • Nasyam
    • Oushadha Snanam
    • Head and Face massage
    • Mukhalepam
    • Pizchichil with general massage
    • Uzhichil

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