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Top 11 things to eat in Kerala

Top 11 things to eat in Kerala

The popular saying "People don’t take trips, trips take people". by John Steinbeck that goes around is the perfect way to describe Kerala, popularly known as "God’s own country".

Admired for its stunning tourist destinations that attract a thick population around the globe, Kerala boasts of its flourishing greens, the long stretch beaches, the tradition and the cuisine that makes it a one of a kind experience for the visitors.

The gastronomic delight of Kerala cannot be compared to any other country or state. Each of the dishes is unique in their own ways and is class apart. This ‘land of spices’ has many exquisite foods to bring to the table but the most frequent among all is the coconut flavor that dominates all the dishes. Apart from that, the tangy spices, the soft and succulent meat are all delicious and mouth watering leaving an everlasting flavor in your taste buds. Kerala also takes pride in its extensive array of non vegetarian dishes and a large selection of sea food.

1) Appam :

Appam is tagged as one of the most popular dishes of Kerala. Known to be prepared in the most traditional way, this dish is really easy on your stomach. Soft and thick at the center and crisp at the edges, this is a favorite among Keralites. It is basically like a rice pancake but the taste of the appam is a tad tricky. When you first eat it, there will be a burst of sweetness inside your mouth and slowly you can feel the salty flavor of the inside. This dish is usually accompanied with a delicious vegetable curry and if non vegetarian is your take, you could opt for chicken or fish.

2) Puttu and Kadala Curry:

Trying your hand at one of the most popular breakfast recipes of Kerala is a must-do. This light yet healthy dish is basically a steamed rice cake which comes in cylindrical shape and is usually cooked with coconut shavings. This breakfast dish travels not only in kannur but also the entire border of Kerala. You could go for either kadala curry (black chickpeas/kala chana) as a side dish to this breakfast option or you could keep ripe bananas and grated coconut as your second choice of accompaniment.

3) Dosa Ghee Roast with Kerala Style Sambar:

Like we all know that Dosa is listed among 'World's 50 most delicious foods' and in India itself the dish undergoes a lot of experimentation and every part of the country, people have their own version of dosa. Made from fermented rice and lentils, the ghee roast dosa is cooked in pure ghee and roasted till it gets crispy. The flavor that comes from adding ghee will surely titillate your taste buds and would force you to eat one more. So, you could forget worrying about the calories for once and indulge in this blissful delight.

4) Idiyappam with Egg Curry 

Another favorite of Keralites that is also quite a talked about dish by non-keralites is Idiyappam. Also known as noolappam, this dish is made of rice flour, salt and water. To this dish, a number of thin strands or sevai are mixed together to make a supple appam. If you are looking for a simple yet tasty dish, this has to be your best bet as it has a very plain texture and could be eaten with absolutely any curry, whether veg or non-veg.

5) Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu aka Spicy Chicken Fry 

We all love a little spice don’t we? Hearing about chicken fry could make us wonder about the plain ones that we get in any food corner. But this Kerala style chicken fry will make you jump off your seat for its extra spicy taste. This dish will be served to you on a banana leaf and it’s downright delicious! You just cannot afford to miss this one on your next trip to Kerala!

6) Kerala Prawn Curry

Sometimes, for a good dish to create wonders, you do not need too much ingredients. This dish is prepared in the most authentic way possible with a generous sprinkle of chilly, salt and pepper. Added to that is a lot of coconut milk and jaggery which is finally served with a topping of curry leaves.

7) Kallumakkaya Ularthiyath or Mussel Stir Fry 

The best part probably about Malayali cuisine is that you could lay your hands on to the freshest of sea foods. The costal location of the area ensures that mussels, snails and salmons are available in plenty. However, this mussel stir fry which requires a lot of preparation time need to be properly cleaned before cooking. After the cleaning has been done, the mussels are cooked in shallots, garlic, chillies, turmeric, garam masala and a heavy dose of grated coconut. Enjoy this sumptuous dish which is sure to leave a smile on your face!

8) Erissery or Pumpkin and Lentil Stew 

This is probably one of the most popular vegetarian curries in Kerala whose core ingredients are a slightly sweet pumpkin and dried lentils. Served up best with a bed of rice and paneer dosa, this is a must try when you are in kerala.

9) Naadan Beef fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry and Malabar Parota

The dark hue of this dish reflects the depth of its almost paralyzing flavours. The beef is well cooked and generously coated with curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste and mustard seeds. The exotic flavors of the ginger and curry leaves perfectly marries with the taste of beef and will leave you spellbound!

10) Kerala style Fish Molee/Moly 

This is not the regular fish curry that we usually have. The addition of coconut to the dish takes it several notches higher.

11) Pazhampori

This sounds like a tongue twister. But this dish is the specialty of the state and is usually a recipe where ripe sweet bananas are cut into slices and deep fried in maida batter. This is a perfect accompaniment with either tea or coffee.

Apart from its exotic locales, Kerala is also home to the most authentic spices and is a perfect go- to option for people who loves food.

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